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Xbox One PS4 Working Solo God Mode - Shunt Boost Arena War Vehicle Glitch

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Windows 10
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  • Arena War Vehicle (must be a Sasquatch or ZR-380)
  • Un-Hide all hidden Missions
    • Open "Interaction" Menu (press m on pc)
    • Open "Hide Options" Menu.
    • Open "Jobs" Menu.
    • Switch to custom mode.
    • Set all jobs to "show"
Glitch Steps:
  1. Enter into your Sasquatch or ZR-380 w/ the Arena War Vehicle upgrade
  2. Find a open space that enables you to get speed to perform Shunt boost (* Los Santos Air Port is the best place)
  3. Get up some speed and hit "L3" to jump then hold "A" and tap "RB" to shunt boost
  4. Keep pressing "A" then tap "RB" to continuously shunt boost until you start to gain altitude
  5. Continue to shunt boost/FLY towards the edge of the map for ~ 15 mins
  6. After 10-15 mins select 'start" and view your map to determine if all the "blue job" blips have disappeared"
  7. If blue jobs have not disappeared keep shunt boosting off of the map until they do.
  8. Once the blue job blips disappear go to your interaction menu and select the "Kill Yourself" option
  9. Once you re-spawn walk around until you find a blue mission portal.
  10. Walk into the blue mission portal and hit "Dpad-Right"
    1. You will now be in GOD MODE!
    2. To disable GOD MODE go to your character selection menu and select Franklin. Decline the switch character alert and you will disable GOD MODE.
    3. To re-enable GOD MODE find another blue mission portal and hit "Dpad-Right".