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Overwatch Anniversary 2020 Event

The Overwatch Anniversary 2020 event is bringing some great new skins and three weeks worth of challenges and rewards. Overwatch Anniversary kicks off on Tuesday, May 19 - a few days before the game's actual anniversary of May 24 - and will run until June 9.

This year, all previous seasonal event brawls will be back during the event, and all seasonal cosmetics will be unlocked (now's the time to grab the best Moira skin in the game: Blackwatch). The Weekly Challenges give you a chance to get a bunch of limited-time rewards by winning nine games each week. Here's what you can earn:

  • Week 1: Carbon Fiber Sigma
  • Week 2: Fleur de Lis Widowmaker
  • Week 3: Masked Man McCree

  • Masquerade Reaper
  • Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta
  • Little Red Ashe
  • Submarine Wrecking Ball
  • Dragoon Mercy
As usual, you'll be able to unlock various new sprays, icons, and emotes during the event.

It's interesting to see how Blizzard handles Overwatch content as many wait for Overwatch 2 - it certainly seems like the company is working full-speed on the sequel, but at least we're getting some inspired new skins and clever tweaks for the original game.



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