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Guide Los Santos Summer Special Tips and Tricks

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The recent release of Los Santos Summer Special brings with it a whole slew of new gameplay, co-op missions, races, collectibles, vehicles and more. Beyond the timeless advice – like “wear sunscreen” – we’ve gathered some of our best tips and tricks for making the most of the remaining days of summer and getting everything you can out of GTA Online.

Business Battles

Factory Raid

  • Teamwork makes the scheme work – bring some friends along to help dispose of enemies on your way to grab the Goods. You can only carry one crate at a time, so enlist your Organization or MC members to bring home as many Goods as possible.
  • Be on the lookout for an exit to make a quick escape from the Factory once you have the package. You may need to hack certain entryways or exits.
  • Keep in mind that some doors will only stay open for a short period of time once hacked.
  • Any player who hacks a security panel to unlock a door will receive an RP bonus.

Aircraft Carrier Assault

  • The Aircraft Carrier is equipped with anti-air defenses. Approach by sea to avoid detection – boats will be available on the shoreline.
  • Before turning your attention to other Organizations or MCs, consider working together to take out the guards on your way to the Goods.
  • The Goods are located on the runway level of the Carrier.
  • Hack both laptops on the Carrier’s top floor to deactivate the anti-aircraft defense measures. This will award an RP bonus. There are plenty of aircraft on the deck of the Carrier that can be used to make an escape once you have the Goods. Do not attempt to fly them until you've disabled the defenses.

A Superyacht Life Missions

  • Speak with the Captain on the bridge of your Superyacht or give him a call on your iFruit to launch a Superyacht Life Mission.
  • Grab some Snacks and Body Armor before the missions and use them when you’re running low on health via the Player Interaction Menu (hold the PlayStation 4 touch pad, Xbox One View button or M on PC).
  • After playing each Mission, it can be re-launched by pressing Pause and heading to Online > Jobs > Play Jobs > Rockstar Created > Missions.
  • You don't need to own a Yacht to play these missions – you can simply join a friend or another player who does. That's what friendship is all about, anyway.

Movie Prop Collectibles

  • Visit Solomon Richards' office to begin the hunt. Return each stolen movie prop you find to Mr. Richards' office to earn GTA$, as well as a unique reward for delivering all 10.
  • Check the Collectibles list inside the Interaction Menu (hold the PlayStation 4 touch pad, Xbox One View button or M on PC) to keep up to date with how many stolen movie props you have already collected.
  • Make sure controller vibration is on for a bonus clue when a collectible is nearby.
  • Keep an eye out for blips on your mini-map which may reveal the location of stolen collectibles.

New Arcade Machines

Axe of Fury

  • Timing is everything. After building up your power, hit the bar in the red section to maximize your swing strength.
  • Achieve the top score to unlock the Crank It To 11 Award, which will gift RP and the Get Metal Tee.
  • Achieve the top score 11 times to unlock the 11 11 Award, which will gift RP, the 11 11 Tee, Axe of Fury Tee and Axe of Fury Trophy for your Arcade Desk.


  • Build a 4x4 square to add to your power bar. Try to build your power-ups early in the game before things get too hectic.
  • You can remove unwanted blocks by placing them on the upper axis.
  • Remember you can't store an unlimited number of power-ups. Make use of them if you are maxed out or lose them.
  • If you get overwhelmed, the Eraser and Bomb powerups can reset the grid to a more manageable state. Follow up with a Slowdown power-up for total control over your next move.
  • There are four Awards for those who master the game, unlocking five tees and a Trophy for your Arcade Desk.

Diamond Adversary Series

  • Jump into these new modes by heading to the Bunker Series icon on your map
  • Get familiar with the layout of the Casino for an upper hand. Running the Casino Heist with some friends is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the building.

  • As a Hunted, you can feel your controller vibrate when the Slasher is nearby.
  • If you die, you can watch how remaining players survive while in Spectate to learn tactics or good hiding spots.
  • Your flashlight can give away your position so only use it when you need to.
Entourage: Bodyguards

  • Stick together when escorting the Target. Splitting up allows the enemy to divide and conquer.
  • The Target can’t climb in their heavy armor, so they need to find a route upstairs without obstacles.
  • Stick close to the target to regain health.
  • If your flashlight isn't cutting it, use the Flare Gun to light up an area for a while.
Entourage: Assassins

  • You're much stronger as a group that can overrun the bodyguards - try not to get separated.
  • Assassins can climb over the obstacles and get behind the Target to surprise them.
  • Concentrate on the bodyguards first. Once they’re gone, the Target is much easier to take out.
  • Surprise attacks often work better than a head-on approach.
  • Coordinate attacks with your teammates to overwhelm the defenders.
Every Bullet Counts

  • Take the time to line up a headshot - reloading your single-shot weapon takes precious time and leaves you vulnerable.
  • If you stay still for too long, you’ll get blipped on the map.
  • Get in close and Pistol-whip your enemies while they're reloading.
Kill Quota

  • Avoid accidentally blowing yourself up - taking yourself out will reduce your team’s score.
  • Prioritize attacking the team furthest along with their quota so they don’t get too far ahead.

  • You can tell if you’re blipped for the enemy team when there’s a red outline on your arrow in the mini-map.
  • Keep an eye on the bottom-right to see if your team has the advantage - you can then decide whether to press or play defensive.
  • When dead, cycle through the cameras to find the enemies. Once you’re resurrected you can head straight for them.
Trading Places

  • Pay close attention to where your team-mates are - if you switch teams with a kill, they'll instantly become enemies.
  • It might be a team game but look out for Number One - you'll find there's little loyalty when you switch sides.
Hardest Target

  • Pay attention to when the Target is switching. You don’t want to be caught out when it switches to you.
  • If you’re the Target, you can get extra points if you manage to take out the other Target.
  • You only score points for taking out the enemy Target. If you’re not the Target on your team, play as aggressively as you can – it doesn’t matter how many times you get killed.

Drug Vehicles

  • Be on the lookout for any suspicious-looking vehicles or activity happening in Freemode.
  • Avoid using explosives - if the vehicle is destroyed, the drugs (and your payment) will be lost.
  • Once acquired, deliver the vehicle back as quick as you can to avoid unwanted attention from other players.

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