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Grand Theft Auto V FREE On PC

As with all other free games on Epic games, there’s really no catch. It will be free for two weeks, and once you redeem it, it’s yours: you don’t even need to download it. All you need to do is download the Epic Games Launcher you might already have it from playing Fortnite and then navigate over to the store. Once you’re there, you can’t miss it: just click on the icon and redeem it.

Need help? Follow our step my step guide...

  • Head over to epic games website here.​
  • Head over to top right hand side & click login or click here. Don't have a account? Sign up here.​
  • Head over to Grand Theft Auto V by clicking here

Grand theft auto 5 includes the following...

  • Base game
  • Premium edition
  • $1,000,000 in game bonus cash

GTA V may have just left its stint on game pass, but here is another chance to pick it up for free.

Before you can download GTA V you will need epic games launcher you can download this here, This offer ends 21st May 2020 so what are you waiting for!
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