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Double Rewards on Gunrunning Sell Missions

Double Rewards on Gunrunning Sell Missions and Increased Research Speed
Plus Free Pistols at Ammu-Nation, Double Rewards for the Bunker Series, and More
Sitting on a stockpile of less-than-legal weaponry is a dangerous prospect. It increases risk, sure, but it also boosts reward in equal measure. This week, in addition to Research Speed being doubled, Gunrunning Sell Missions are paying out double, so there’s plenty of demand. Are you ready to supply?

Bunker Series Bonuses

Los Santos can be a surface-level place: half of the office space is dedicated to agents, plastic surgeons and reality TV production; it’s a city built upon narcissism and vanity. It makes sense that the real action is lurking underground. The Bunker Series is proof: a selection of firefights that pits you against your opponents in a confined, claustrophobic space, miles below the surface. If you venture into the deep and emerge victorious, you’ll earn 2X GTA$ & RP.

40% Off Bunkers
Paleto Forest, Raton Canyon, Chumash, Lago Zancudo, Grapeseed, Route 68, Grand Senora Desert, Smoke Tree Road, Thomson Scrapyard, Farmhouse

30% Off Bunker Upgrade & Add-Ons
Bunker Styles, Personal Quarters, Shooting Range, Gun Locker, Transportation

Twitch Prime members who link their Twitch Prime and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts will receive the Paleto Bay Arcade for free, 80% off the Tula plane and 60% off the Grotti Furia. To ensure access to these and future benefits, make sure to visit Twitch Prime and sign up.



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