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Collector Bonuses Limited Time Clothing and More

Return a Complete Set of American Wildflowers for a 50% Bonus This Week
Roam the frontier in search of artifacts and rarities to be handsomely rewarded for your steadfast determination: returning a complete set of American Wildflowers to Madam Nazar will pay 50% more through May 25th. For a leg up, play any time this week and you’ll receive an American Wildflower map, free of charge.

The West is often best traversed with good company. Kickstart your own band of misfits and join forces with fellow outlaws across the frontier – all Persistent Posse creation fees are being waived through the 8th of June.

If you need another companion around the fire, pick any Camp Dog or a Horse under rank 40 for 40% off. Get equipped for the frontier by taking advantage of 40% off the price of the Pennington Field Shovel, Refined Binoculars and Metal Detector.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue has a little something on offer for everybody, including a selection of items returning to their inventory only until May 25th. Make sure to pick the following up before they disappear:

  • The Tasman
  • The Danube
  • Manteca Hat
  • Cossack Hat
  • Boutell Hat
  • Irwin Coat


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Free Fireworks Triple Rewards in Hunting Pack & $1M Bonus
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